Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to Lose Control.

Sometimes my friends remark that I'm the person who goes and actually does certain things.  I'll talk to the stranger.  I'll move out of the country.  I'll dance my heart out on the dance floor.  These don't make me heroic by any means.  They hardly make me extraordinary.  Yet, I never stop being surprised at how often it comes up.

I could chalk it up to a lack of impulse control, and I suppose there is enough evidence to wage a solid case.  However, I think that a lack of such control could behoove many people better.

It's powerful how often I think, "I should do _________."  Then, I take a moment--truly just a moment--to reflect, and unless there are a million "This is why I shouldn't" thoughts that race to my mind, I just do it.

It gets me to make new friends.  It helps me succeed at work.  It helps be authentic to myself, and in turn, with others.

From a 1 to 10, how much do you lose control?  How has that changed over the years?  What races through your mind?  Do you wish you overrode your impulse control more often?  Why or why not?

People who lose control should consider:
1) What is the worst that could happen?  What is the best?  I have a feeling that the former is not very likely, or if it is....and at least it'd improve authentic living.  I have a feeling that the latter is hard to imagine and the more likely result with a world of possibilities.

2) What am I afraid of?

3) Could releasing some control draw me closer to important people in my life?

4) What or who taught me to need this kind of control?  (And dig with that one.)

People who I think need to consider losing some control:
Anyone over 36.
Anyone who oversees another person in a job.
Anyone who has possessions.
Anyone who has a regular routine.

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