Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sus nombres.

I cringe at the feeling a guy must have two months into a relationship.  I can just picture it. 

"Jonathan," she says and smiles.  Jason looks at her and wonders why she repeated the name of the store clerk.  He asks her why she smiled at his name.

"Oh," she says, slightly embarrassed and caught off guard.  Well, she might as well just tell him.

"You see, it's one of the names I know I would name my [or perhaps she dares to say "our"] son."


Why spend my whole life picking out names for the children I have yet to have with the man I have yet to meet?

Well, it's happened. Maybe it's because the countless wedding invitations have been replaced by countless baby showers.  Or maybe it's because I have a clock that ticks just as loudly as every other 29 year old woman.  Either way, baby names are a hot topic amongst my friends whose stomachs have swollen to the size of watermelons.

And I have my list.  I realized that so many names have been nice, but not for me.  And there are certain names I'm always drawn to.  So, without further adieu, I thought I'd record the names that keep popping into my mind.  While plenty of variables (a disagreeable father, a clashing last name, a sudden realization otherwise, etc.) may change my mind, these names are the ones I like rolling off my tongue, in no particular order:

1) Elizaria ("Elly" or "Ria" or "Zadi")

2) Eladio ("Lawdee" or "Elly") ---really loving this one, although I've known one person with it who isn't someone I'd really want my kid to be associated with.  Also, it means "Greek" which is a little underwhelming.

3) Rogelio ("Ro") ----this one surprises me, but I don't see myself liking it long term.  It means "famous spearman", which, like Eladio, doesn't impress me much.

4) Trujillo ("Truji" or "Tru") ---doesn't really have a meaning, as it's a traditional surname.  However, it's a common last name in my family, so it makes me like it all the more.

5) Lope (pronounced low-pay) ---shoot, now that I spell it "low pay", it seems terrible.  I like it as a derivative of "Lopez", a common and important surname in my family, but I think it'd be mispronounced forever and ever as "lope", which isn't great.  Maybe I'll just stick with "Lopez" as a first name (means son of a wolf).

6) Praxedes ("Prax" for short) ---this is a favorite, too.  For a man or woman.  Means "active," which I really like.