Friday, August 31, 2012

On dying.

I'm a hospice volunteer.  That means I hang out with people who are dying.  It makes you think, though.  Well, it makes me think.  These are the main thoughts rattling through my head right now:
  • You don't get to choose how you die.
  • You die the way you live.
  • You get to choose the way you live.

Friday, August 24, 2012

How to make 30 count: things to do before I turn the three-oh.

In a couple weeks, I turn 29 and a half.  Today is August 24, 2012.  On March 19, 2013, I turn 30.  Between now and then, I'd like to do the following.  It might look like an ambitious list, but the next six months are going to pass either way, so it might as well be a productive stretch!
  1. Have lunch with 15 different friends.
  2. Do 100 sit-ups every day for one month.
  3. Go on an overnight get-away with the girls.
  4. Read 2 new books.
  5. Feel like every room in my house is “decorated.”
  6. Go to a dentist, doctor, counselor, and physical therapist.
  7. Run a half marathon.
  8. Get renewed in CPR.
  9. Throw a simple 30th birthday party.
  10. Write letters to ten relatives.
  11. Send homemade gifts to five friends who don't live in Denver.
  12. Lose 30 lbs.
  13. Don’t use any disposable grocery sacks.
  14. Read all of my homework.
  15. Send a care package to my brother.
  16. Go out of my way to make a friend.
  17. Go one month without eating out.
  18. Finish two quilts.
  19. Marry someone.
  20. Attend a Rocky Horror Picture Show with Mom.
  21. Become a Hospice volunteer for at least two people.
  22. Get rid of stuff.
  23. Watch all of Gene Kelley's movies.
  24. Do my own sprint triathlon.
  25. Go camping by myself again.
  26. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry.
  27. Organize my first 100-mile run.
  28. Make a significant donation every month.
  29. Pay off my car (three months early).
  30. Do at least 30 of my pinterest items...aside from my "before 30" board.