Monday, June 18, 2012

How to Lose This Girl in Two Dates: Bad Dates Gone Worse

I'm a pretty forgiving girl, but when this all happened within the context of two dates, I had to put the kibosh on this winter-spring (29-25) romance:

1) Text that you aren't feeling so well a day before a date, and then say you're canceling the date an hour before we're supposed to meet.  But then don't reply for two days after I text you sweet "feel better" wishes.
2) Show up late (about 15-20 minutes per time), twice, and offer no explanation or apology (as I sit alone in your chosen fancy restaurants twice with no phone call or explanation).
3) Order an obscure drink for me without asking.
4) Ask when my dating you gets to be made public to my friends and colleagues. (?!?!?)
5) Give me five minutes of directions after I say I know where to go.

Done and done.

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